Beauty. Transformation. Empowerment.

Keira Rowland has always been fascinated by transformation. She started as a child trying to emulate her mother getting ready, sneaking into her makeup box afterwards to recreate the look. She then worked at MAC Cosmetics to supplement her academic pursuits in marketing, following up with a concurrent career in product development and brand strategy. This well-rounded approach to makeup granted an in-depth understanding of what makes top-quality makeup, what builds a brand, and benefited her long-term path in artistry. 

In her own evolution, Rowland has been empowered by the properties of makeup. Ranging from the soft to the bizarre, she believes in its ability to do and feel good. Her portfolio includes editorials, private clients, bridal and production shoots for music videos and entertainment, with a bent of versatility. 

Having worked in New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu, Keira Rowland currently resides in San Francisco, CA. 


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