Social is not one-size-fits-all. I aim to curate a customized, relevant, engaging and results-driven social media plan for each client based on their unique needs. That includes extensive research to develop the most effective content strategy, highlight the channels where your audience is most likely to be, and develop tailored, client-specific solutions.

Social Media Strategy & Management

The right conversations, the right content, on the right channels. I'm a firm believer that effective social is raw, candid, authentic, and most importantly, human. I believe in content that sparks two-way dialogues, and inserts your brand in relevant conversations that your audience cares about most. I believe in test and learn, and leaning into what's working. If something isn't working, then we fix it. 

Content Creation & Production

I'll work with you to determine what your customers really want to see from your brand, where you’re exceeding those expectations, and where you may need assistance. We’ll work together to create a content plan containing on-brand, engaging and impactful content executions that make a difference, whether it be in-house or with the help of external creative.

Influencer Marketing

End-to-end influencer marketing strategy. I provide coaching on and physical outreach, relationship building, and community management. Specifically tailored to your target audience and brand positioning, your influencer network should spark meaningful conversations and produce strong, on-brand user-generated content to reach your ideal consumer. 

À la Carte

I currently provide project-based offerings in the following areas: content marketing strategy, content creation, social graphic design, influencer outreach, and performance analytics.

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